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[23 Jan 2005|06:29pm]
lets see um.. 2day mariah woke me up by calling. wen i coulda been sleeping!! jeez. anyways.. so me mariah chris and nick g went 2 go see White Noise. it was scary! but some parts were soo gay! so then after chris's sister picked us up and crap. then i came home and stuff. and jason was online! i <3 jason hes so cool. i kinda like him. anyways.. im bored. and im gunna stop now and im gunna fix mariahs lj cuz she doesnt know how 2. cuz shes stupid. okay well im gunna go now byebye!


gahhh [22 Jan 2005|09:46pm]
well.. 2day was okay. me and mariah went 2 my bros hockey game. oh yea i saw jason :) hes so hott! and i saw dan mueller. hes awsome. and i saw sergio...ewww!! haha mariah. anyhoo... then we talked wit tyler.. jason ks lil bro. hes so funny. and then we watched my bro's game.. finally. they lost and at the end my bro & some kid on the chargers like started 2 fight a lil then here comes kevin t punchin him and crap.. it was hilarious. but hes suspended. i <3 ya kev ((as a brother)) anyways im reely tired. oh yea then me and mariah went 2 callies wit grant and stuff. it was fun. anyways.. now im tired and im sad. it seems like everyones mad at me and that pisses me off. gahh like because i was sick this week its like everyone jus like acts like im not even there. gahh i wana switch schools ((kinda)) anyways im gunna stop now im tired. bye


::oh yea and i got my cell.. yay!!::

[19 Jan 2005|09:33pm]
alright so i stayed home 2day again :)

i slept til bout 2ish. yea it was great. i <3 sleeping! anyhoo but like it wasnt as boring as yesterday. oh yea and my queer brother christopher kyle will not leave me alone. hes standing right behind me reading this. he says hi. not reely. anyhoo.. i think im goin 2 school 2maro.. but i kinda dont have a choice cuz like.. i told emily i'd go 2 the bball game wit her. yea. so im probly gunna go and im feeling better. i jus have a fever and my throat is sore. yea. thats it.

new scn name:: xohaley435


[18 Jan 2005|05:42pm]
gahh im sick :(

and no one reely believes me. i have the flu/strep. it reely sux. and im stayin home 2maro 2. oh yea and i found my old cell a.k.a. murphy :) and hopefully 2maro we're gunna re-activate it wit a new # and crap so i can use it! yay! anyhoo.. my mom had blocked lj somehow (?) and like.. now its not blocked so i can update again.. yay! anyhoo..i'll possibly update later but i wana fix my lj cuz i jus wana get a new layout... any ideas??


[13 Jan 2005|12:00pm]
right now i am at school.. im sucha rebel :)

karoline says HI
so does marissy!!

<3 you all
*haley, karoline & marissy!!!

[10 Jan 2005|06:15pm]
meh. stupid school. i jus cant take it anymore i DONT wana like jack *yes 4 all of u that didnt kno i like jack m* i cant help it tho. i mean.. like i dont wana but i do. its weird. im totally confused in my feelings. oh well. i'll get over it sooner or later. and i mean i like never like anyone 2. but whatev. i'll update later maybe.

dillon-what are they droppin and poppin!?! haha that was so funny & random lol good times in s.s!

[09 Jan 2005|11:26am]
okay well i havent updated 4 a bit.. probly cuz i havent been online. anyhoo.. so i went 2 see A Series of Unfortunate Events yesterday. the guy klaus is super hott! i mean like hotter than harry potter! *no offense 2 harry potter* but yea. i like love him! okay so thats pretty much it. i mean mariah came wit me and shiz. then she slept over again cuz like.. her mom and bro have strep. i guess.so then later on we went to the rink and we saw scott, sergio*ewwy* and well thats like it. and i saw jason b!! oh man hes so hott. i havent seen him 4 ever! okay well im gona stop now im reely tired. mariah woke me up this morning to see if i wanted 2 go to church with her but i couldnt so now i think shes mad at me. okay byebye xoxo! <3 haley

[02 Jan 2005|09:04pm]
okay. soo 2day my mom woke me up at 10.. she thought it would help me get 2 sleep 2night.. whatta loser. but i am pretty tired. 2day i went 2 the rink, then walgreens and jewel wit my mom. i had nothing else 2 do. i was super bored and my mom wouldnt let me go anywhere. then we went back 2 the rink. i saw keegan & dillon and i saw tyler and jason! tylers so cute hes like 4. hes jasons lil broho. and dom is on jasons team.. but i didnt see dom where ever the heck he was. but whatev. and jimmy spilled his chocolate milk in the pro shop and he jus ran it was hilarious. yea then i came home. and i got everything ready. cuz we all goin back 2 hell 2mazo *right zach? lol* its gunna suck. the only good thing about school is u get 2 see all of ur frends and everyone. yea.. but break was awesome i wish it was longer tho. cuz that would be even better. okay imma go 2 bed now so i'll actually get up 2maro bye xoxo*haley

[01 Jan 2005|09:13pm]
mmkay well.. again. PLANS WENT WRONG! i was gona go over 2 emilys wit angel but i needed a ride and angel was already there. and i was gona ask her for a ride.. soo plans went wrong. and my mom couldnt drive me cuz shes sick & matt was sleepin. and dino & chris cant drive so i was screwed. well.. atleast i got 2 talk 2 anthony =) me & him are cool now. were better than we were b4. yea and me & nicky arent gona go out. we were gona but we decided not 2. yea.. soo im like totally single! cuz like.. me and nicky were probly gona go out but then like it didnt work out. sooooo yea. but i like _ _ _ _ _! mhmm if u wana kno u can ask me! if u dont then dont ask me beeotch. okay im gona go now. anything interesting happens i'll update!
xoxoxo! <3Haley

[01 Jan 2005|01:50pm]
i dont kno what im doin 2day but this is my plan::
-watch mean girls with mommy *she wants 2 see it*
-clean my room
-hang out wit geeg(?)

who knows. i'll update later wen im not so pissed off.-xOxhaleyxOx

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